Why I Am Posting These Recipes

I believe that it is healthier for an individual and for the planet to reduce the consumption of animal products in the human diet. However, I love to eat all kinds of delicious food, and find it really, really difficult to go totally vegetarian. Also, my family protests if I serve too many vegetarian meals in a row. So I am committed to making an effort to move towards a vegetarian diet without wholly doing so. I will post recipes several times a week that represent my philosophy of eating well, eating healthy, eating local. Most recipes will be easy to prepare, as I have a busy life. So I expect my followers to be people who love to cook and eat well, want to try to help the planet through their eating (by eating local foods and trying to reduce the use of meat in our diets), and have many other things to do each day besides cook.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vegan Banana Juice Smoothie

When I used to live in Japan, I frequently went to coffee shops and ordered my favorite drink they offered, "banana jusu" (pronounced "joo-soo").  I think that it consisted of banana, milk, honey, and ice.  It was frothy and cold.  The best ones had a thick banana flavor, so I think they might have included a greater proportion of banana.  I tried to recreate it when I returned to the U.S.  Today I am offering you a vegan version, substituting rice milk for cow's milk.  If you are a strict vegan and don't consume honey, you can try substituting your favorite sweetener.  A delicious, wholesome snack for kids and adults alike!

Serves 2

8 oz. unsweetened rice milk
2 ripe bananas
1 TBS honey
6 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients together in a blender.  That's it!  Makes about 16 ounces.

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