Why I Am Posting These Recipes

I believe that it is healthier for an individual and for the planet to reduce the consumption of animal products in the human diet. However, I love to eat all kinds of delicious food, and find it really, really difficult to go totally vegetarian. Also, my family protests if I serve too many vegetarian meals in a row. So I am committed to making an effort to move towards a vegetarian diet without wholly doing so. I will post recipes several times a week that represent my philosophy of eating well, eating healthy, eating local. Most recipes will be easy to prepare, as I have a busy life. So I expect my followers to be people who love to cook and eat well, want to try to help the planet through their eating (by eating local foods and trying to reduce the use of meat in our diets), and have many other things to do each day besides cook.

Miscellaneous Go Green Tips

Natural Burn Remedy:
If you burn yourself, try putting yellow mustard on it and leaving it for some time (say, an hour). It will prevent a blister from forming and it really relieves the pain!

Green Shopping:
Take storage containers with you to the natural food store that sells bulk food items, such as grains and beans.  Have a store employee weigh the container before you fill it with the item you will store in it.  Fill each container with an item.  When you pay for it, the cashier can subtract the original weight from the weight of the container after you have filled it.  My local health food store also sells honey, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in bulk.  I have two honey jars, and when one is empty I put it in the dishwasher and then put it in my car so that next time I go to the natural food store I can fill it with local honey.  I have heard that eating local honey helps people with allergies, because eating the product of local pollen helps build up immunity to the negative effects of the pollen (sneezing, etc.).

How to Find Local Food Sources:

Do a web search to find local farmers' markets
Check your state or local government department of agriculture for listings of farms in your area
Ask your local grocery store to carry local meat, dairy, eggs, and produce

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